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Thread: Mattress packaging machine - GIF

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    Mattress packaging machine - GIF

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    I bought one of those beds, it turned out to be WAY heavier than I had pictured (twice as heavy as my $1300 real bed) and guests don't like it at took weeks to get the VOC's out of the room too.

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    I tried several of these mattresses. My conclusion these type of mattresses seem nice at first but are not good in the long run.
    So consider this at one time the Hypnos mattress was the absolutely best mattresses in the world (and most expensive) but even it still has a spring matrix at its core.
    In this day and age of mattress popup companies, I'm not sure if Hypnos is still the most expensive or not. But they still cost between $4,789 to $8,280, for the ones they sell to the general public. I'm sure the Queen gets something we can not.

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