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Thread: mini lathe gear change solution

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    mini lathe gear change solution

    Greetings fellow head scratchers,
    The Chinese mini lathe is often described like a kit you have to assemble, adjust and redesign properly. I have a Sieg C2.

    The most annoying and ridiculous design fault is the gear change system. One has to be an ambidextrous contortionist to change gears on these things, so for those that aren't, here is my solution...

    Firstly the bottom curved slide nut, replace with a joiner nut that clears the gear wheel or make one out of brass hex.

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2126-large-copy.jpg

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2138-large-.jpg

    The straight slide is adjusted by an almost inaccessible nut which to loosen or tighten requires numerous re-positioning of spanner...Grr

    This design allows tightening of gear and position simultaneously.

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2156-large-.jpg

    (measurements will vary on different machines)

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2132-large-.jpg

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2135-large-.jpg

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2129-large-.jpg

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2161-large-.jpg

    The clip spring is the spline from a car windscreen wiper blade, bit of bending and a couple of slots in bracket to hold in place.

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2163-large-.jpg

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2130-large-.jpg

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2167-large-.jpg

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2136-large-.jpg

    mini lathe gear change solution-dsc_2127-large-.jpg

    I thought the clip and nut would hit the gear housing above it with certain gear combinations but doesn't.

    Till next time, Cheers

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    Thanks Stevohdee! We've added your Mini Lathe Gear Changer Modification to our Lathes category,
    as well as to your builder page: Stevohdee's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Not sure how I missed this the other day Steveohdee but Great tips and fixes. I did some work on the banjo on my early on but really like the retainer clip from the WSWB spring steel...Nice! When I get a chance I'll give your top hat sleeve a try. Great post, Thanks!


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