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Thread: Mortar Sprayer

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    Mortar Sprayer

    Our first tool we have to offer is a mortar sprayer for applying cement (like stucco) to walls . In the Philippines, it is almost all done by hand. A couple of guys can cover a 20 foot section of 8 foot wall in a day. You can imagine how long it takes to complete a house!

    Our tool will cover the same amount in about 20 minutes if there is a crew to mix cement quickly. An entire house could be completed in a day with 6 men. The tool is so fast it takes 3 masons to keep up with it. It requires a 3 HP air compressor with about 8CFM at 90psi to perform as designed.
    Mortar Sprayer-20150109_163525.jpg
    Mortar Sprayer-20150109_163555.jpg
    Mortar Sprayer-20150109_163638.jpg

    The sprayer is made from 20 gauge 304 stainless. The sprayer handle and trigger is made from a modified pressure washer handle. We have sold about 12 of them in the last couple of months nationwide. So far feedback is good from our customers, but we are always trying to improve our product.

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    Thanks Ruwak! I've added your Mortar Sprayer to our Miscellaneous category, as well as to your builder page: Ruwak's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That's a pretty cool innovation. Got a vid of it in action?

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    i would love to see

    Quote Originally Posted by DIYer View Post
    That's a pretty cool innovation. Got a vid of it in action?
    i would like to view this in time lapse and a timer from start to finish. it takes my guys 20 min to drink coffee and think about working! don't get me wrong i do understand the whole of the stucco process,lol!

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