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Thread: My Diy Wireless CNC Pendant

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    My Diy Wireless CNC Pendant

    Here's my diy pendant made from a gutted xbox360 controller.
    98% made from recycled materials
    The case is made in multiple parts. The front is hdpe from an old chopping board, the blue inserts are also hdpe chopping board as well as the buttons.
    The mid section is 25mm 6061 aluminium scrap I had laying around and the rear red cover is acrylic.
    Fully assembled it is quite solid and I could replace the acrylic battery cover with some 3mm aluminium and it would be near on bullet proof
    Battery was recycled from a portable dvd player with a diode in series to drop the 3.7v to 3.1v due to the diodes forward volt drop (safer for the xbox pcb) Battery is a 2600mAh 1s LiPo so i can charge it with my hobby charger and i should get a decent run between charges too.
    Button pcb I drew up and did on some blank pcb on the cnc with an engraving bit, worked well enough. Relocated the 4 status leds from the xbox pcb to the front, once again used some recycled blue leds (notice a theme going on here? )
    Even added a charge port to save opening up the case to charge it everytime, the socket also isolates the xbox pcb when the plug is inserted
    I reused the analog joysticks from the xbox controller and recycled the tact switches from an old stereo pcb.
    I plan on printing a decal for the front panel once I settle on a button layout, the wonky labels are only temporary.
    Currently trying out the Xbox360 controller plugin for mach3 which is working well but I might try the xbox-shilling plugin as it looks to be more customizable
    My Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-side.jpgMy Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-lit-up.jpgMy Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-pcb-top.jpgMy Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-pcb.jpgMy Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-wiring.jpgMy Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-bottom.jpgMy Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-battery-pocket.jpgMy Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-front-cover-inside1.jpgMy Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-buttons-insert.jpgMy Diy Wireless CNC Pendant-buttons-insert.jpg

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    Thanks baskarz! I've added your Wireless CNC Pendant to our CNC category, as well as to your builder page: baskarz's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    good work!
    can you please share the pcb. DXF fike?
    thank you

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