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Thread: My Hose Clamper

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    My Hose Clamper

    I made this simple tool from a water shutoff tool that I bought at Home Depot. It was sized to use rebar tie wire to make hose clamps when I need one.

    My Hose Clamper-01.jpg

    Bend the cut length of wire in half and wrap it around the hose to be clamped, passing the wire tails through the loop. Then put the tails through the small holes drilled in the windlass portion of the clamper and the notched end of the push bar into the wire loop. Trim the excessive length of the tails with wire cutters.

    My Hose Clamper-02.jpg

    Turn the windlass to tighten the wire around the hose. Note: if you drilled the through holes too large you'll twist the windlass in two at this step.

    My Hose Clamper-03.jpg

    Push the entire clamper over to the backside, pivoting on the wire loop.

    My Hose Clamper-04.jpg

    Cut the wires to remove the clamper since the wire is now locked tight around the hose. Curl the wire ends and neaten it up.

    My Hose Clamper-05.jpg

    Easy and cheap. No need to buy many more of those expensive stainless jobs since a roll of tie wire will make too many hose clamps to count.
    If you can't make it precise make it adjustable.

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