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Thread: Myanmar bumpy train ride - GIF

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    Myanmar bumpy train ride - GIF

    Myanmar bumpy train ride.


    Thai railway market - GIF
    Longest passenger train in the world - GIF
    Train comes up behind men walking inside tunnel - GIF

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    I’d like to see the track…

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevillageinn View Post
    I’d like to see the track…
    A bunch of that is probably square wheels on the car. You'd be amazed how much a flat-spotted wheel will bounce things around. I'm amazed they are running one or more that are that bad. I'd think if the track was that horrible, the train would derail.

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    Saw that lot on TV, had both the video from the train crew's perspective, as well as for the passengers.

    The track was bloody atrocious, up, down and sideways twist, all the crew could do was slow down in case they derailed, that way minimum damage to the train and the track as well as to the crew. Looked identical for the passengers, as per the above video.

    The track needed a bloody lot of maintenance, but somehow they had NO money to do the repairs, so it was just hang on everybody whenever they came to another rough spot and there were plenty of rough spots.

    This has to be seen -----------------------------

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    I wonder if they have as many train derailments as we have here in the USA?

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