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Thread: The Need For Speed | Metal Lathe Hack #12

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    Cool The Need For Speed | Metal Lathe Hack #12

    The Need For Speed | Metal Lathe Hack #12. Everyone is always looking to do things faster and hopefully more efficent. Here is a quick hack to swapping you lathe chuck jaws from internal to external holding.

    Video Link:

    Speed Wrench 3/8 Link:
    3/8 to 1/2 adapter Link:

    This video is one of a series of on simple metal lathe tips & tricks in the operation of your lathe.

    Here is a link to the Playlist for all of the Tips/Hacks:



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    Yup, handy for sure. Lost my 3/8 one years ago. Luckily i found a brand name one in a second hand store for near nothing. Now im happy again. There are times one needs speed but still the capability to feel how things are working. Dont need to force a messed up bolt, etc, with a power machine.

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