Have you been thinking of making a submission to our Homemade Tools subforum, but couldn't quite bring yourself to pull the trigger because the entry isn't really (or at all) a tool?

No need to let that project languish any longer in obscurity. We've created a new subforum, Not a Tool, but Homemade, expressly for you.

The new subforum will be our spot for everything from home repair projects to recipes. If you've made it at home, but it's not a tool, then share it there. Use your imagination; the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Note: Entries submitted to Not a Tool, but Homemade will be added neither to the database nor to individual builder pages.

Coincident with the new subforum's creation, we're also going to limit contributions to the Homemade Tools subforum strictly to actual tools. Submissions to either subforum better suited to the other (or elsewhere) will be moved as necessary.

Please pose any questions on these points directly in this thread.