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Thread: Number plate box?

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    Number plate box?

    Completed the development of an Arduino Nano to control 2 pumps, one for the Ebb and Flow system [Used the suggestion posted on here to just drain the water back into the reservoir through the pump...Works brilliantly and so SIMPLE) and the second pump that runs the floating raft system. One pump on for 2.5 Minutes and the other on for 10 min every hour and spaced evenly to give the solar system as much chance as possible to recharge.

    So time to finalize the project in such a way to allow easy access for improvements, So 2 pieces of old plastic number plates were cut and drilled and 4 long bolts used with 3 nuts to space the base to the face. This is pretty neat and as stated easy to open up to add a sensor or reflash.

    Number plate box?-number-plate-box.jpg

    This was done old school...4 holes with a battery drill. On chucking into the mill and cutting the rectangle for the display ect. NO...We have load shedding here in South Africa. Stage 3 meaning the power is cut 3 times a day for between 2 and 4 hours. so that is why it was drill and file and then in a dark garage as well. My excuse for the bad cut out.

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    Thanks garage nut! We've added your Arduino Project Box to our Miscellaneous category,
    as well as to your builder page: garage nut's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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