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Thread: Lifting adapter for my boom extension

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    Lifting adapter for my boom extension

    After making the extension for my fork boom I wanted a way to pickup the trusses without having to get out of the backhoe and attach them mainly because once I have them raised and welded in place I would have to find away to go up and unchain them from the boom.
    So what I did was grab some scrap and make a cradle that I could hook under the top of a truss in the center then raise them.
    Lifting adapter for my boom extension-20190316_154418.jpgb.jpg
    This might have worked fine for the single truss or even this one if I hadn't welded the spacer block where I did so back to make another mod.
    Now I have spread the forks if you will, out to about a foot and a half
    Lifting adapter for my boom extension-20190316_163829.jpgb.jpg
    This mod has allowed me to lift the truss like I wanted and at the same time the grove helps to keep it stable while in transit or lifting
    Lifting adapter for my boom extension-20190316_164741.jpgb.jpg

    Lifting adapter for my boom extension-20190316_164811.jpgb.jpg
    This is also the heaviest truss and I didn't have to use the back hoe bucket as an additional counter weight by extending it back.
    Lifting adapter for my boom extension-20190316_164937.jpgb.jpg
    This is what it looks like up close while down
    Lifting adapter for my boom extension-20190316_165222.jpgb.jpg
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