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Thread: Over bit shaper pin fo router table

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    Over bit shaper pin fo router table

    Over bit shaper pin fo router table-20140919_105719.jpg Over bit shaper pin fo router table-20140919_105726.jpg Over bit shaper pin fo router table-20140919_105734.jpgOver bit shaper pin fo router table-20140919_105747.jpg
    this is something I came up with it is a over the bit shaper pin. I used an old router table fence and a router edge guide a bolt with a long metal spacer. I do a lot of template shaping and was burning up a lot of guide bearings, i can do much shallower passes so the router bit lasts much longer as well. it works well and is much safer than a pin router. since this one worked so well I plan to make one that is much better
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    Thanks M.I.A. Guitars! I've added this one to our Routing category, and of course to your builder page: M.I.A. Guitars's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Nice !
    Effectively,I feel it more interresting than a pin router, but could you explain more the benefit compared to a copying router bit with ball bearing ?
    Maybe for smaller diameters ?
    On the other hand you work is hidden by the template, not an issue ?

    Post your reply!
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