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Thread: Perfect lineman pole flip - GIF

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    Nice finish!

    I'd love to know if he was aiming for the hole or was it just lucky usual if it is real.

    Would line workers toss a half pole down on top of all that garbage? The thing could have gone off in any direction if it hit the steel while there's a guy standing right beside it at 0:09.

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    We did this in school at lineman camp. I've been through this myself -- how to safely drop the pole in pieces when you don't have a crane. We also threw basketballs to each other while strapped in and other strength, agility, balance and confidence exercises. My training was through the Bell System, and I'm quite sure that the power transmission training is more rigorous. But try climbing an 80' pole that's hard as a rock in Minnesota winter weather. I could tell ya stories....

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    After Basic the ARMY screwed up on my Guaranteed MOS selection and sent me to the 36k linemen's course I was in my 4th week getting well into the pole climbing part of the course when they finally had my orders straightened out almost that is Iwas supposed to go to 63C track vehicle mechanic but wound up 63B wheeled mechanic school at that point I wasn't going to argue. but learning how to climb poles has come in handy a few times over the years
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    "We shove the poles in the holes"

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