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Thread: Peterbilt RV combo - photo

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    You see a few of these custom made RVs at truck shows and almost every time you see one made half and half the owner has been an older truck driver.
    My RV is a conversion from a 1968 Continental trailways buss. The guy who did the conversion did an excellent job all in blond Maple The cabinetry would have rivaled many high end homes of 1990. But the one thing in my opinion that he did wrong was to cover the 1968 looks of the front end and rear end to make it appear more like An RV of 1990 Which really hasn't changed all that much in nearly 30 years.
    Fortunately all of the 68 skin is still underneath so some day the wife and I may return it to original looks, either that or cut the top and raise it a couple feet and possibly add a pull out or 2 to make it look all the more ridiculously modern.

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