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Thread: Piano Cover | French Seam Saddle Stitch Cowhide Leather

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    Piano Cover | French Seam Saddle Stitch Cowhide Leather

    I made a cowhide piano cover to protect my digital piano from collecting dust, as the dust is the biggest enemy of all the electric contacts, and the electronics equipment in general.

    I scavenged the sofa from the street dumpster. The cowhide leather was quite damaged, probably by the cats and / or dogs..

    I selected the two largest "good" leather pieces, and stitched them together, after cutting them nice and square.

    I applied the saddle stitch, which uses 2 needles at the same time. It creates a really strong and tight connection between the 2 stitched pieces.

    Then I glued the folded lips of the saddle stitch beneath the main surface, using the shoemaker's glue, which is also known as Butapren. I left the glue up under the wooden board, clamped to the table, and added 24 kg of weights in the middle of the board.

    Additionally I cut the extra strap of cowhide, and glued it over the folded saddle stitch lips.

    I used the sharp caliper to score the straight lines, evenly distanced from the center stitch line.
    I punched the holes for stitching, using the top quality diamond laced fork, with 6 pins. You need to align the last pin with the last of the previously punched holes.

    Hand stitching requires a lot of precision, and patience, but as you get the hang of it, you start becoming more efficient.

    I cut out the rectangular dock, to allow the music stand to fit in that cutout.

    I also cut the 4 corners, so that the piano cover can flip over all the 4 edges of the piano, and protect it from the dust.

    The results were surprisingly very good. I am really happy with how the piano cover turned out.

    As a bonus, and to make this video more entertaining, I made some noise on the piano. I played the classical piece: Prelude in C Major by J.S. Bach, as well as 2 fragments of my own composition called "Freedom", which I'm still working on. It will be a piano + electric guitar duel. I might add the lyrics / vocals in the future.

    Digital Piano:

    Leather Sewing Kit:

    Leather Industrial Glue:

    Carpenter Steel Framing Square:

    HiFi Headphones:

    Audio Interface:

    Hum and Ground Loop Eliminator:

    XLR Cables:

    HiFi USB A to USB C Cable:

    Piano Stand Heavy Duty:

    J.S. Bach - The Well-Tempered Clavier Book:

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