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Thread: Pinion shaft bearing install tool

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    Pinion shaft bearing install tool

    I am doing a bearing change on a Ford 7.5 limited slip differential
    For this I need a tool to seat the inner bearing on the pinion shaft.
    This tool is almost pre made since all you have to do is cut the roller cage away from the old bearing then use a die grinder to enlarge the bore diameter of the race so it can slip freely over the bearing land of the shaft. When pressing the new bearing in place.
    Now had I been replacing the ring and pinion gears I would have had to do a much more involved procedure. First off the depth of the pinion gear controls the tooth contact area to get this depth correct shims must be added or removed until the tooth contact is at optimal depth the backlash between the gears also determines whether the wear is going to be on the heal or the toe of the teeth on the ring gear.
    It is or can be a fairly complex and lengthy process to get these correct and to do this especially with new gears the inner bearing may have to be removed several times for that reason it is advisable to buy 2 identical bearings Grind the bore of 1 so it can be slipped on and removed easy that way you can use it to set the correct thickness of shim without the risk of damaging the bearing you are going to be using.
    Then when it is time use the race you have made for an install tool add a new crush sleeve and adjust the preload with the nut that holds the pinion flange in place remember the nut and the sleeve are 1 time use only if you get it too tight do not loosen it. Remove it and replace both the sleeve and the nut.
    Pinion shaft bearing install tool-20180708_172657.jpgx.jpg
    Pinion shaft bearing install tool-20180708_172648.jpgx.jpg
    Pinion shaft bearing install tool-20180708_172640.jpgx.jpg

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