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Thread: Portable Shop Filter

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    Portable Shop Filter

    Portable dust filter for the shop made from 20" box fan and furnace filter.

    Front view:
    Portable Shop Filter-filter-1.jpg

    Back view:
    Portable Shop Filter-filter-2.jpg

    View from the rear with door open and filter removed:
    Portable Shop Filter-filter-3.jpg

    This is slightly more upscale than the classic design, which consists of a furnace filter duct-taped to the back of a fan. Highlights of the project:

    - 20" box fan found at the local Goodwill store for $3
    - Remove the fan assembly, wiring, and switch
    - Cut the fan mounting brackets from the fan box
    - Save the front grill and discard the rest
    - Make a new body out of 1/2" MDF 21.5" x 21.5" x 7.0"
    - Starting with a 20.5" square piece of 1/2" MDF, cut out a 19.5" dia. hole
    - Mount the fan assembly in the box. I had to mount the switch inside the box and made an extension of the switch shaft to attach to a knob on the outside.
    - Mount the piece with the big hole just in front of the fan blades. This significantly improves the performance of the fan.
    - Make a frame to hold a 20" x 20" x 1" furnace filter and mount it behind the fan assembly.
    - Cut pieces of 1/2" thick stick-on window sealing foam rubber to the frame surface that the filter will rest on.
    - Place the filter in the frame and measure the distance from the back of the filter to the back side of the box. Add about 1/8". Make a 19.5" square frame from 1/2" wide material that height.
    - Make the frame for the rear door frame from 2" wide 1/2" thick material. I used poplar.
    - Glue the small frame to the inside of the door frame (centered). This clamps the filter in place when the door is closed.
    - Mount the door using hinges and clasps.
    - Mount the front grill.
    - I added a handle on the top made from the finest wood (a chunk of 2 x 4) and it is ready for some paint.

    I used a furnace filter that was washable. It cost $20, but I figured that was a lot cheaper in the long run than buying new filters every few weeks. It filters the air nicely and is still usable as a portable fan.

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    How do you keep your workbench so neat????

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