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Thread: Powehammer

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    Hi folks, I'm new, so I thought I should post something that I've built.

    I am a bladesmith and blacksmith, and so most of my tools are hammers and tongs and things like that. However, I do have some more interesting tools that I have built. This one is a 50# mechanical powerhammer, completely shop built in 2000. It is modeled after a Champion hammer. The drive shaft was a junk yard find. It is a 3 inch shaft with an 8 x 2 disk on one end. On the disk is a 2" pin set at the edge, giving me about a 6 inch stroke. I don't know what it came from, a shaker or a pump of some kind, I think. It came with the front bearing. I had to have the end of the shaft turned down to accept the rear pulley, which also came from the same junk yard, but otherwise it's pretty much as found. The rest of the hammer is bit's and pieces pulled out of scrap piles. The drive is a simple slack belt setup, the pedal pulls down a pulley, which tightens the belt, the harder you step down, the faster it runs and the harder it hits.



    These pic are from early days in the shop, things look quite different now.

    I can post more pics of the hammer, just let me know what you'd like to see better shots of.


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    Thanks Geoff Keyes! I've added your Power Hammer to our Forging category, as well as to your builder page: Geoff Keyes' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Geoff I've seen your wonderful hammer before ,but it's always a pleasure to view it. You did an exceptional job on it and it's an inspiration as well as a basic pattern for a future power hammer project... Thanks !

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