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Thread: Proof of Concept Powered Drill Press Table

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    My mistake and comments. I didn't look too closely at your photos and video. I assumed your drill press table like mine already had a side mounted up-down crank handle with a gear engaging a linear cog gear along the back similar to my drill press table. Manually moving the drill press table up without the crank would be difficult because my drill press table weighs more than 40 pounds.

    The problem I have with my old drill press table is the up-down geared crank handle system can easily move the center hole point very slightly off-center when using a clamped vise or other part that has been already clamped down. I readjust the center position and it is difficult to notice the very slight offset movement until the drill clips the side of the drill press table center hole. Drilling the table original center hole a little larger is probably a simple solution but I like the smaller hole for drilling small parts without the vise.


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