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Thread: Quick Chinese metal bender - GIF

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJs View Post
    I think that is just the guys timing...based on the pile on the floor, probably an hour or 2's worth. After a few weeks you would get your giddyup dialed least some people would. This guy is in the zone by the look on his face, even to the point of his toss backward at :09 he knows exactly where its going and still reaching for the next tube, knowing where it is. Economy of motion in 3 part harmony.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Sexy View Post
    The video has been sped up about 50 percent
    I'm not so sure. Look at the guy behind him to the left. He's not moving very quickly.

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    I was basing my assumption on the rate of camera shake and movement of the camera and the sparks in the background looked to quick for a welder of some sort.

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