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Thread: Quick and simple bicycle stand

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    Quick and simple bicycle stand

    I am starting a project for one of my great nephews so ti make things easier I decided to toss together a simple stand to hold the bicycle
    I started with a cut off from another project.
    This little band saw cuts almost perfectly true but the pump is out so my wife has to sit there and baby sit it with coolant dribbling on the blade
    Quick and simple bicycle stand-dscf6848c.jpg
    The band saw is pretty much at its max when cutting this size round bar
    Quick and simple bicycle stand-dscf6849c.jpg
    cutting a sadle cope in a 2" od tube with my hand held pawn shop special band saw
    Quick and simple bicycle stand-dscf6853c.jpg
    perfect fit to a half shell piece of pipe slightly relaxed to fit the sprocket housing of the bicycle
    Quick and simple bicycle stand-dscf6854c.jpg
    A couple of quick welds and the bicycle bolted to the stand free to be rotated 360
    Quick and simple bicycle stand-dscf6858c.jpg
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
    When I have to paint I use

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