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Thread: Restocking a lake with trout - GIF

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    Restocking a lake with trout - GIF

    Restocking a lake with trout. I like how some of the fish are trying to swim back up the pipe.


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    In the past I have had a couple of stock ponds stocked with fingerling catfish up to 10" long the hatchery truck always tried to get as close as possible to the water to reduce stress placed on the young fish
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    The ones trying to swim back up the pipe sure got run over in a hurry, kinda like turning the wrong way up a one way street.

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    That`s a lot of fish for a small lake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toeless joe View Post
    The ones trying to swim back up the pipe sure got run over in a hurry, kinda like turning the wrong way up a one way street.
    Jesus H... with a run that long it's trial-by-ordeal for those poor trout.

    Fish instinctively try to swim 'upstream.' Too bad they can't come up with a way to let 'em do just that. Like maybe introducing them into a slow-suction line – coming from the lake – and a return flow line, sans any fish.

    Same thing happens to birds that get into uncovered exhaust venting. They'll inevitably move upstream, 'till things come to a sudden stop – once they've stuck their heads in the blower.

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