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Thread: Router Plane

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    Mikhandmaker's Tools

    Router Plane

    Inspired in one Paul's Sellers collection hand planes, I decided to make my own one as similar as possible in an easy way and using hand tools. In this video you can see the step by step.

    Router Plane-router-plane-how-make.jpg Router Plane-captura-de-pantalla-2017-07-25-las-18.43.12.jpg Router Plane-34.jpg Router Plane-45.jpg
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    • Sycamore wood
    • Quality Brass sheet (1,6mm/0,06") thickness
    • Insert rivet nut (M6) 0,35"
    • Blade plough plane (10mm/0,39")
    • Sapeli dye and Wood wax
    • Thumb screw

    Router Plane-fl7q3s5j5cqbpyx.medium.jpg
    For this project I used Sycamore wood since this is a resistant and hard kind of wood. I have made it, as almost always, hand tools but you can replace them by power tools.

    I began cutting one side of the wood and planing it with a hand plane. Once straight with the help of a gauge I marked the rest of the parts to cut. I repeated the previous steps in order to obtain a completely square wooden block

    Router Plane-fzu8dkbj5cqbr74.small.jpg

    We have to mark an angle between 45 and 50 as per photographs and we cut it wihout reaching the end.

    Then clean the saw-toothed marks leaving a smooth and plane surface.

    Router Plane-f0ybcmwj5ig1xnd.small.jpg
    With the help of a ruler mark the centre of the piece and introduce the blade that we'll use for our router plane. In my case I used an old plough plane blade of 10mm/0,39". Mark the contour and eliminate the wood where we'll introduce the blade with a chisel.

    Router Plane-fynoluzj5ig1y7l.small.jpg
    Now we have to cut a wide enough surface to see the blade path when we're working. I chose triangular shape but it can be used any other shape.

    Router Plane-f3ayl4yj5ig1ysf.small.jpg
    In order to give the router plane a more ergonomic shape, I give where the thumbs will be supported rounded shape with the help of gouge cut straight

    Router Plane-fako979j5ig20b9.medium.jpg
    Now we have to make the lever cap which will hold the blade. I make a template with the help of paper joining tape and later I glue it on a brass plate. Cut the piece and file down the edges until it's smooth.

    Router Plane-fmvqv7uj5ig2186.small.jpg

    I drill 4 holes for the fastening screws and another one of 9mm/0,35" in the middle for the rivet nut. As I don't have the necessary tool for the rivet nut, I use for it a hammer as you can see in the video.

    Router Plane-fw6hs35j5ig22tb.small.jpg
    For the wooden finishing I use Sapele dye and wax.

    Now the only thing left is to screw the brass plate, to introduce the blades, set the ploughing depth and to start working!!
    I would also apologise for my English as a non-native English speaker some terms are very difficult for me.

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