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Thread: sappling puller need to make one that is easy to hook and won't slip off when pullin

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    sappling puller need to make one that is easy to hook and won't slip off when pullin

    : hey does anyone have a homemade sappling puller ,I need to make one to pull up some sprouts a chain slips off small stuff, need to maybe put a handle on it for leverage any ideas or plans holt50

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    We had a root fork made out of an old grubbing hoe for pulling small saplings when I was a kid it had 2 tines made out of and old hay fork 6 or 8 inches long about 2 or 3 inches apart welded straight out from the handle on the eye of the hoe with the curve facing up. The blade had a split piece of pipe over it and was used as the rocking foot that stuck out about 6 inches perpendicular to the tines, a short leather harness belt was attached there as well to buckle around the sapling simply stomp the tines in the ground by stepping on the hoe blade while holding the handle straight up wrap the harness strap around the sapling and buckle it, then pull down and away from the plant
    just pull the split pipe off the blade and still had the grubbing hoe

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