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Thread: Sawzall Sanding Blade

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    Sawzall Sanding Blade

    I just joined. I occasionally make some simple tools, nothing like many of the finely crafted items on this forum. I recently had to sand all the solid stain off my 1000 sq ft deck. It was a MAJOR job and needed a few tools to help. For sanding between the boards a made a few tools. One was a sanding blade for my Ridgid mini sawzall. I cut a piece from a 3" wide belt sander belt and folded it in half to fit over an old blade. Pliobond on the sandpaper and blade, fold over the blade and squeeze together, and let dry under the weight of a toolbox. My wife was even able to use this tool while I handled the heavier sanding tasks.

    The ones in the picture are worn somewhat. They worked great for removing the paint that my angle sander missed. On the angle sander I used 2 fiber backed sanding disks back to back. That worked great too.

    Sawzall Sanding Blade-sawzall-sanding-blades-copy.jpg


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    Thanks peteco! I've added your Sawzall Sanding Blade to our Sanding category, as well as to your builder page: peteco's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That's a great mod, peteco. Thanks for the idea.

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    I never thought of that one!!! Great tip! Will do this for sure! My uncle did similar with a scroll saw blade for sanding intricate parts. I think they even came out with them for sale since that time.

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