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Thread: Screw cutting short thread

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    Screw cutting short thread

    Hi All
    I recently picked up a bargain off eBay. An ex demonstration ProSet XT3 pneumatic Rivet tool for 50. Unfortunately it only had one nose piece for 6mm diameter pop rivets. Before making the purchase i researched the cost of the spares. So not a problem I thought just buy the spares at 3.50 each plus postage.

    Contacted three or four Stanley agents for price even one in America and no reply. So was a bit disappointed. But never mind I thought I will make them. To my surprise there was a link to the dimensions I needed to make the nose pieces for an XT3.

    The thread was measured and found to be a UNF 3/8 x 24 TPI. So the gear train was setup and the nose pieces made.

    To cut the thread I used the manual screw cutting method I shared a while back. Link to original post:
    Screw cutting by hand

    As the thread only had a narrow undercut for the tool to drop into, using the crank handle gives plenty of control when stopping in such a small undercut.

    The photos below show the setup:

    Screw cutting short thread-crank-handle-2.jpg Screw cutting short thread-crank-handle.jpg Crank handle located in headstock spindle bore.

    Screw cutting short thread-screw-cutting.jpgScrew cutting up to a shoulder into a narrow undercut. This is very easy and controlled without having the machine under power.

    Screw cutting short thread-tools.jpg Tools used to make component

    Screw cutting short thread-drawing.jpg Screw cutting short thread-completed-nose-pieces.jpg Drawings printed off and all other dimension taken from original nose piece.

    Screw cutting short thread-nose-collet.jpg Homemade nose piece

    Screw cutting short thread-rivet-tool.jpg ProSet XT3 can set 4mm (5/32") to 6.4mm (1/4") rivets

    Thank you for viewing
    The Home Engineer

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    Very nice presentation. Amazing how much more effective a few good photos and some well written text can explain a concept better than a hokey video!!

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