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Thread: Shop Built Pipe Welding Positioner

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    Shop Built Pipe Welding Positioner

    I have wanted to build this for a long time, but just couldn't get free time from paying jobs. Finally, I had to break down and build it as it was necessary. I never liked the commercially available units that sit on the floor. I want to be up enough to use a chair or stand if I want, so this was the best/fastest option for my needs.

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    There is a lot to be said about taking the time to decide a comfortable work height for any custom machine build. Great addition to a portable roller set.
    As you stated you will probably want or need to be able to slow your power roller way down for large diameter work. What you might want to do though is to source a transmission from a riding lawn tractor rotor tiller or other small piece of equipment. mount it below your drive unit as you would do for a jack shaft to add reduction this will afford you a wider range of almost infinite speed control especially if you ever need or want to weld say 30" diameter one time then 18inch or 12 inch then on down to the 1 to 4 inch stuff.

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    Thanks Topper Machine! We've added your Pipe Welding Positioner to our Welding category,
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