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Thread: Shop-Vac Shop Vacuum Cleaner Remote On/Off Switch

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    Shop-Vac Shop Vacuum Cleaner Remote On/Off Switch

    Not much of a tutorial but for those of you that have a wall-mounted shop-vac or want to wall-mount your shop vac, this is a handy idea for turning it on & off without buying expensive electrical equipment.

    I ended up utilizing the original rocker switch, I used 12 spade crimp terminals (where the old rocker switch used to be I did place terminals there, so If you need to remove the hose you can disconnect the wiring)

    I have a 4-wire switch on my shop-vac, so If you like- to avoid plugging in wires to the wrong location, you can wire it like this:
    wire 1 = male bullet terminal
    wire 2 = female bullet terminal
    wire 3 = male spade terminal
    wire 4 = female spade terminal

    When choosing the gauge of your stranded wire, you need to take into account your shop-vac's amperage and length of hose

    You can use a wire size/amperage/voltage drop calculator like the one here: Voltage Drop Calculator

    I made a crude wooden rocket switch holder that I zip-tied to the hose, but it works good. Also I glued a peice of plastic in between the two rows of terminals on the back of the rocket switch JUST IN CASE things get tugged/bent and the terminals end up touching in some way.

    Mine isn't pretty but its worked without a problem for several years. I soldered all connections + used shrink wrap. Superglue was used to hold the rocker switch in place. Instead of using duct tape to protect the wiring, use 3m super 88 electrical tape or use some of this expanding wire cable sleeve (TechFlex brand) like this:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Shop-Vac Shop Vacuum Cleaner Remote On/Off Switch-img_3851.jpg   Shop-Vac Shop Vacuum Cleaner Remote On/Off Switch-img_3852.jpg   Shop-Vac Shop Vacuum Cleaner Remote On/Off Switch-img_3854.jpg   Shop-Vac Shop Vacuum Cleaner Remote On/Off Switch-img_3856.jpg  

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    That would be more convenient than where they are.

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