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Thread: Short gear puller

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    Short gear puller


    While helping a friend with a squeaky (automotive) air conditioner pulley, I had to remove the pulley and its bearing (the noise problem). This had to be done without removing the ac compressor or any associated fittings. So the job had to be done in situ.

    Obviously I needed a puller to remove the pulley and bearing, but with only a couple of inches between the pulley and the radiator, none of my pullers would fit.

    So, back to my workshop and about an hour with a hacksaw and welder I came up with this “short” puller. The overall depth is approximately 4” and about 6” wide. The puller uses only a short piece of 1” x flat bar, three 10mm bolts, three nuts and two washers.

    I think the images convey the rest of the details.

    Kind regards


    Short gear puller-short-range-gear-puller_008.jpg Short gear puller-short-range-gear-puller_001.jpg Short gear puller-short-range-gear-puller_002.jpg

    Short gear puller-short-range-gear-puller_003.jpg Short gear puller-short-range-gear-puller_005.jpg Short gear puller-short-range-gear-puller_006.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Short gear puller-short-range-gear-puller_007.jpg  
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    Hi Peter,

    Very good job,
    only a small suggestion to increase the performance and the life of tool
    the use of a fine thread bold and a long nut is a better choice.


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    Thanks Peter! We've added your Short Puller to our Miscellaneous category, as well as to your builder page: Peter Sanders' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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