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Thread: Saw horses from scrap wood

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    Saw horses from scrap wood

    I was down to only 1 wood saw horse and need 2 for an upcoming project
    My steel work horses are too heavy and would cause damage to the project since it to will be made out of wood
    I started out with some scrap 2x4s from a pile that I have been using as fuel for a shop heater they were not good for much else other than maybe a chicken coop
    So I pulled the nails and cut 12 pieces 32" long to be the legs
    then 9 pieces 34" long to be the braces and top bar
    then 6 blocks about 6" long to hold the legs at their angle.
    the end braces were just marked and cut after the legs were screwed in place I didn't bother to measure them I just marked 1 then cut 5 more just like it
    I like having a wide flat top so U ised some scrap 2x8s for this cut to 42" long

    Saw horses from scrap wood-dscf6821c.jpg

    Saw horses from scrap wood-dscf6823c.jpg

    Saw horses from scrap wood-dscf6824c.jpg

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