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Thread: simple screw stands

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    simple screw stands

    I have been straightening the frame on a 2007 Ford Ranger and thought everything was fine until I started to bolt the cab back on with new OEM mounting rubbers. That was when I noticed that while it was straight front to rear side to side and no twist It still needed another .250" raise in the center cab mount area. So instead of doing my measurements from below I needed to raise the cab completely clear of the frame and not have it resting or touching the frame anywhere. To do this I made 4 simple screw stands out of Scaffold screw-jacks and 1 1/4" sch 40 pipe the 6 x 6" base on the screws served as the feet while the pipes fit up inside holes in the rocker panels. I stabilized the cab from shifting with a pair of 2" ratchet straps
    simple screw stands-20180801_152543.jpgc.jpg
    simple screw stands-20180801_152554.jpgc.jpg

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    Those are handy jacks, limited in height only by stability and length of pipe. Interesting to see you used 1 1/4 inch pipe. I used some for a roller stand for a bugo (sp?) type welder at my bosses business. The pipe was just the right size for the scaffold casters that were sitting on the shelf in the tool room. I hope to post about it some time in the future sense I finally figured out the wi fi password at the business but do not know when I will be there next. The dump trailer needs some serious patching up so it shouldn't be long.

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