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Thread: Simple Wood Lathe

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    Great progress on that lathe. It's not as simple as you're making it out to be. Obviously a lot of thought put into those details.

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    Some additions/modifications...

    Simple Wood Lathe-20140823_151746.jpg
    ...a cup drive. Somewhere I read that this is safer than a drive with prongs, as bad things aren't as likely to happen in the event of a 'catch' (i.e., drive spins, but work gets caught by the tool...). I have yet to try it, but seems reasonable. Time will tell... It is a bit on the homely side, but I ended up making the drive using what I had on hand. I may decide to machine a proper looking one, but for now this is it.

    I also needed a way to lock the tailstock spindle in place. An easy way (I thought) was just to use a jam nut. The wooden ball handle makes it easy to actuate.
    Simple Wood Lathe-20140823_151820.jpg


    Simple Wood Lathe-20140823_151830.jpg
    ...cup for the tailstock.

    Aside from perhaps a coat of paint, that's about all I can think of for now. I know there will be other attachments, etc., but this should complete the 'basic' wood lathe...right?

    Suggestions, comments, [nice and constructive] critiques are welcomed

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    Great job EN. Your resourcefulness is admirable. I agree with you, with the tailstock done, it would now be appropriate to call it a wood lathe.

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