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Thread: Straight Knurling Tool

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    Straight Knurling Tool

    This is a straight single wheel knurling tool designed to fit a BXA style quick change tool holder. I made this straight holder for some knobs I'm making that will be on my next project that I will be posting soon. I have a diamond knurling tool but I wanted to go with a straight instead of diamond. It is made from O-1 tool steel. Although it could be made from any steel that is capable of being hardened and tempered.

    After machining it is then hardened and tempered. After the tempering it's oil blackened which gives it a deep dark corrosion resistance surface finish. There are numerous videos on you tube showing how to oil blacken steel.
    It accepts any 1” diameter knurl 3/8” in width and a 5/16” center hole.

    Below are some photos of the tool after it was made and a photo of knurling a knob.

    As always thanks for looking
    And happy machining


    Straight Knurling Tool-1.jpg

    Straight Knurling Tool-2.jpg

    Straight Knurling Tool-3.jpg

    Straight Knurling Tool-4.jpg

    Straight Knurling Tool-5.jpg

    Straight Knurling Tool-6.jpg

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    Nice Doug. Beefy looking too! Looks to be about 5/8" flat bar? Thanks for sharing this! ~PJ

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    Nice clean design Doug. I see it makes crisp knurls and can easily change the knurling wheels. I will be looking forward to seeing your next project. Thanks, Paul

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    Thanks rossbotics! We've added your Straight Knurling Tool to our Metalworking category,
    as well as to your builder page: rossbotics's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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