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Thread: Swarf Magnet

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    Colin70's Tools

    Swarf Magnet

    I made this yesterday as I was forever cutting myself and getting metal splinters.
    It's made from a common soluble vitamin tube, a length of steel coathanger, the plastic lid liner from a coffee jar and an old refrigerator magnet..oh and a small dab of 2 part epoxy.
    Total cost.. 0 maybe a fraction of a penny for the epoxy..

    The pictures show how simple this is. It only takes minutes to make (if you use 5 minute epoxy) and the thing is so effective!
    To use, swipe the bottom of the tube to pick up the filings/swarf then a pull on the wire over a bin to release.
    The plastic ring, cut from the coffee jar lid liner stops the swarf from traveling up the tube.
    Scale it up/down to suit your needs

    Swarf Magnet-sam_0972.jpg
    Swarf Magnet-sam_0974.jpg
    Swarf Magnet-sam_0973.jpg
    Swarf Magnet-sam_0975.jpg
    Swarf Magnet-sam_0977.jpg

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    Thanks Colin70! I've added your Swarf Magnet to our Miscellaneous category, as well as to your builder page: Colin70's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Wow! That's pretty clever!

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