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Thread: Tanker truck bent in half - video

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    There is a tank on the far side. They were probably off loading it and failed to vent it properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimfols View Post
    There is a tank on the far side. They were probably off loading it and failed to vent it properly.
    I am going to say lack of maintenance judging by the exterior condition.

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    They're from Oklahoma and are converting it into a belly dump.
    If you can't make it precise make it adjustable.

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    One possible explanation...It could have been empty, except for some remaining liquid. Perhaps it had been HOT and sunny causing the vapor to expand, expelling excess pressure through the safety valve. Then the tank cooled without venting to allow equalization of pressure. I have had this happen to gasoline cans on several occasions with temperature differences of less that 50˚F. A tanker sitting in the sun can easily reach over 120-130˚. Hit the road, wind and a few clouds can easily drop the temperature in the tank enough to do that, especially if the tank is weaken by rust, and corrosion as that one appears to be.

    Unimportant story relative to the situation.

    I got to a physics lecture in college one day, held in a relatively large lecture hall like they had back in 70's. On entering the room, the prof had 5 gallon round, flat top metal can sitting on a stand over a Bunsen burner. Small whiffs of steam coming out the top. When the lecture began, without making any comment about it, he turned off the burner and stuffed a rubber stopper in the opening on top. During the lecture the can made a few noises as it cooled. The prof would stayed away from it as he continued with the content. The lecture ended, most people hurried out of the room. A few went down to talk with him, I had no class after so I stayed and was catching up on some reading for the class.

    2-3 minutes later, the water vapor in the can cooled enough that atmospheric pressure crushed the can. It made a Big Bang, jumped off the stand and crashed onto the floor, a couple of the kids screamed etc. The prof just looked up and said, 5 minutes too late. The few of us that had stayed after class got a good laugh.

    I have absolutely no recollection of the content of that lecture!!!! But will never forget the lesson.

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