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Thread: Textile fibers magnified - photo

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    The cotton is surprising.

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    You learn something new every day!
    My entire life which spans 54 years I thought linen was cloth made from cotton, thanks to this photo I have now learnt that I was ill informed and linen is produced from the flax plant also known as linseed which is where we also get linseed oil.
    This is something I now know, which I can add to my back catalogue of useful information to bore friends and family with.
    When I was young and poor I learnt a trade, and after many years of hard work Iím not young anymore.

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    Having worn all those but cashmere (which is best encountered differently!), you appreciate natural fibers each have distinct and useful qualities.
    Humans, over eons, learned these trial-and-error, and used accordingly, to expand from mere hides.

    One advantage from age, the ever-increasing volume of such knowledge, and finding those interested!
    Like, for one.

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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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