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Thread: Unsolicited Shop Advice?

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    I was always taught, safety is an obvious but as for the one guy that always seems to have a better way to do things and push that way on you, well i just dont want to be "that guy". I had a guy come in my hotrod shop and tell me about what a waste it was that i put new gas tanks in all my cars i build, then a year later i find out right after he came to my shop he started a build and decided to weld on a "cleaned out" gas tank...needless to say he is not with us anymore.

    I have always tried not to be a jerk about it though when painting cars but still let people know #1 as all you guys said, wear a respirator. My brother was car painter ever since i was little. Back then he had an iron grip but years of that old toxic paint left him barely able to hold a soda can, then he got white matter brain disease and died. And #2 i am truely shocked how many people go to paint their car in their garage (must have more tolerant wife than i) and decide to use whatever old fan they can find to blow out the flamable overspray and fumes. When i was out west, at least once a year some guy would blow up his whole garage. I hate to see any of that happen to anyone.

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    Painting a car inside of their garage???? I'm glad that I don't have any neighbors within a mile of me, let alone having a neighbor with a garage who would try this.
    First off if I were to try this my wife wouldn't even bother divorcing me she would simply check into a hotel and wait until the flame of the hot water heater did its thing then she would collect insurance on the house and my life insurance as well.
    Ive known folks who try to construct a temporary paint boot in their un attached garages by lining them with plastic and using common box fans for ventilation units if they do manage to survive, for months after they have residue over spray in the buildings that they are constantly having to clean up.
    Most folks have a tendency to use too high pressure and way too high volume setting on their guns when painting cars or parts for cars. I guess this is because they are in a hurry or think they get better atomizing mix to their paint when doing this.
    on the other side of that coin years ago I witnessed a guy painting a lathe in a shop where I was doing some contract welding. there were dozens of freshly restored machines crowded around him and none of them even had so much as a drop cloth covering them. Where I was welding I was 50 or 60 feet away and outside of the building so there was no danger especially hte way he was painting you would have thought he aw using an air brush instead of a full sized spray gun. he had his spray pattern reduced so that not any over-spray was detectable.

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