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Thread: Using Angle Gauges for Any Angle

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    Using Angle Gauges for Any Angle

    Use Angle Gauges for Any Angle - $2.00

    $2.00 - Click here to buy now via PayPal and download instantly

    30-day money-back guarantee.
    If you purchase these plans and are not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your purchase price.

    These plans include:

    • An 18-page PDF manual with 4 color photos and 7 technical drawings.
    • An Excel spreadsheet for calculations.

    This plan shows a step by step procedure for using the commonly available and inexpensive angle gauge sets to set up a lathe or mill to cut any angle down to the one minute level or less.

    Using Angle Gauges for Any Angle-gaugeset13r600x450.jpg

    These angle gauge sets usually have ten gauges with whole number angles: one to five degrees by one degree increments and then ten to thirty degrees in five degree increments. With those values you can create a combination that adds up to any whole number of degrees between 1 and 90. But fractional values are often needed. For instance, most tapers do not use whole number angles. It was for turning a taper that this system was devised. And it offers an accuracy that is certainly as good as a Vernier protractor, probably better.

    As you can see, this technique not only offers accuracy, but it is compact enough to easily fit in most set-ups, including inside the jaws of a milling vise. Other methods of establishing an angle, such as a Vernier protractor or a sine plate, can be very bulky and will not fit into your set-ups as easily.

    These plans explain the step-by-step method for obtaining any angle. They also have a detailed explanation of the theory behind the method and another section that allows you to obtain a good estimate of the accuracy that can be achieved. The plans include a table that allows you to set up these angles. An Excel spreadsheet that this table was created from is also included so you can experiment with it.

    Please feel free to post any questions you may have in this discussion, either before you purchase or during use. Or, post pictures of using your angle gauge for in-between angles.

    My other plans ..............................

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