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Thread: Water drill

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    Water drill

    If any of you have had the displeasure of trying to dig through caliche, then you understand why I made this. It's just a 36" pipe section with a brass tip (1/4" hole) on one end and a hose fitting with ball valve on the other end. I can push down a full 24" in caliche with this (regular water pressure) in about 30 seconds or so. Larger holes, I just do a series of holes in close proximity, use a caliche bar to break up between the holes, and a post hole digger to clean it out. Messy as a two year old in a room full of open paint cans, but very effective.

    Water drill-2012-10-19_10-49-37_100.jpg

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    Thanks TERBPA! I've added your Water Drill to our Miscellaneous category, as well as to your builder page: TERBPA's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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