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Thread: Worm gear from bolt - video

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    Worm gear from bolt - video

    Worm gear from bolt. By Maciej Nowak Projects. 8:07 video:


    Belt grinder - video
    Nut press - video

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    Using a spiral tap in lieu of the standard four flute style will assure that the tap always stays in contact with the gear while forming the threads.

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    Ahhhahhaaa. By jove. Eureka.
    In a distant galaxy, there is a lonely set of big 215 collets.
    Worm gear from bolt - video-215.jpg
    Acquired for a song, but misjudged as 2J's, (imminently more popular design) they await a spindle nose in D1-6. Alas, that beast is so elusive (expen$ive) and burdened with it's own 215 set, to cause a transaction.
    Why not, TM51 said to himself, make a spindle nose? Despite pouring over gear-cutting tomes, solving acute angled pinions and rings is not a setup I can leave start to finish without interruption, it's a lot of teeth! So, haven't bought cutters yet either.
    But there's more than one way to close a collet! Worm gear is a new solution. Room for everything; radial and thrust faces, grooved for lube, ID thread length, and a couple spares should last decades. It will increase overall diameter, shorten length, reduce weight.

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