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Thread: YAUPHS (Yet Another Ugly Power HackSaw)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cadsculptor View Post
    Can you post a couple more pictures like a straight-on side view, drive & rail details? ~Paul

    And close-up details!

    Show us the close-up details!

    There's supposed to be Earth-shattering (*) details of your Alludium Q-36 Electron-Powered Metal Demodulator! (**) [See note 1]





    Note 1:

    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    On numerous occasions, Marvin has tried to destroy the Earth with his "Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator" (sometimes pronounced "Illudium Pu-36" or "Uranium Pu-36").

    Marvin always laboriously over-pronounces the name of the device, which resembles a stick of dynamite, in order to avoid any possibility of confusing it with some other similar form of explosive technology.

    Marvin attempts to destroy the Earth because, he reasons, "it obstructs my view of Venus"; he has been trying to destroy the Earth for more than two millennia, suggesting that members of his species, and possibly Martian creatures in general, have extremely long lifespans. Marvin is consistently foiled by Bugs Bunny.
    For lack of a YAUPHS, a view of Venus was blocked...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altair View Post
    Tools are made for functionality not for aesthetic reasons...

    Sometimes, they dance together.

    Consider this gorgeous 1926 South Bend 16 Inch Lathe Rebuild

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