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Thread: Your favorite building project?

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    Your favorite building project?

    Simple question this week: of all the things you've built (could be individual tools or finished pieces), which one is…

    …your favorite building project?

    One catch: you've got to include a photo of the item in question with your reply to this thread!

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    crazypj's Tools
    Probably my favourite part is the starter block off I make for 1970's Honda twins (CB175~CB450 DOHC )
    It's needed when electric start is removed for a 'kickstart only' bike
    I get to use just about every tool I have with them, bandsaw, lathe, pillar drill, (drill press) milling machine, 6x1mm hand tap, Dremel with 1/4" carbide burr. 'Playing with ALL the toys is great fun
    I used to do a 'square' cut out to reduce weight but read about 'old timers' turning x-y handles on mills to make curves so decided to try it out. I'm not very good at it but the 'inside' isn't seen when assembled on bike. It only reduces weight by 0.20ounces but it's so much fun 'playing' I do it anyway. 'Solid' block off weighs about 4 ounces, originals were just about 1.25~1.30 ounces. Now, they are between 0.9~1.10 oz. including mounting screws an 'O' ring seal. The weight is really of no consequence on a +300lbs bike but I like going 'over the top' with them
    I had to make various fixtures to hold the part during different operations
    Your favorite building project?-block-off-1.jpgYour favorite building project?-block-off-2.jpg

    Post your reply!
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