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Thread: Harbor Freight bead roller upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll Hunter View Post
    Thanks for your reply, Toolmaker51, and for pointing out that I hadn't included my location in my profile, now updated. I guess I'll look on ebay, etc for a bead roller.

    I hesitate mentioning brands, websites, or stores unless I find them stellar. But the wide variety of importers and tool houses will have this.
    Easiest way I know is Googling and look at the images page. It will be clear who is selling, posting modifications, and so on. Rollers aren't so specific to one trade; car & bike builders, fabricators, and many trades use light gauge sheet metal...

    Then again, all you need is a couple good photos to fabricate one from scratch, scads right here on Not all that different from a clothes wringer, two shafts rotate towards each other [ 1 CW, 1 CCW]. Diesets with male & female contours do the work, and beading is just the start.
    Some shafting, frame material, bearings/ bushings, gears [or sprockets & chain] and a handcrank. Instead of buying and modifying, build per the mods others have uncovered! A little planning, could incorporate a motor down the road.

    Troll Hunter posts, and I'll bet a large number of other'ers lament "...don't have any metal working machines, lathe, miller, or such, so I'm limited to MIG welding and Mr. Grinder!".
    So let's design around commercial components a bead roller that bolts and welds together! That's why we're here, right?
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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Many thanks, Toolmaker51, you have opened my eyes to the possibilities. I don't have any metal working machines, lathe, miller, or such, so I'm limited to MIG welding and Mr. Grinder! Even so, I'm an avid recycler and DIYer. I hate to dump anything.

    I must obvioudly spread my net wider to find my wishlist tools! I'll keep a'looking.


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    Harbor Freight bead roller upgrade-20160323_101140_001.jpg this is the only good one I have

    Post your reply!
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