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Thread: The angle grinder bracket

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    That should give more support for the work, good job.

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    This thread has been moved to the Must Read subforum. Congrats (and thanks) to The Fe Factor for making such a valuable contribution!

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    Thanks The Fe Factor! We've added your Grinder Mounting Bracket to our Grinding category, as well as to your builder page: The Fe Factor's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    The whole tool is excellent and the narrow slot idea is a really good safety feature. If I was to make one I would consider extending the work rest an equal distance to the left hand side so that longer pieces can be laid across the rest.
    It would mean chopping off the top of the left side vertical box section to extend the tool rest, but when done would allow you to cut say a 1 metre or more length of steel in half.
    Another quick thought would be to make the tool rest table of angle iron with the narrow slot cut in the flat and vertical section of the angle so that the cut off blade is almost totally enclosed when viewed from the front. If the grinder guard was then adjusted down to touch the vertical section there would be less chance of a disintegrating wheel doing any damage.
    edit: The vertical of the angle rest would also serve as a backstop to keep the cuts square.
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    Hola Factor..bueno el accesorio, y como mencioné en otro post, sería bueno (por lo menos para mi) un pedal de arranque-parada con un swich con sistema de seguro por arranque imprevistos, muy bueno, hasta pronto.

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    Кронштейн для болгарки отличная идея. Что я бы добавил, так это регулятор скорости. На многих моделях он отсутствует, а щётка на скорости 8-11 тысяч оборотов очень травмоопасная штука.

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    Modification to your braket

    As you were looking for further input and, if I may make a small suggestion, and this is just from watching the video as I haven't built a bracket yet:
    I noticed that the original grinder bracket projects above the new addition of the base plate which, by the way, is an excellent improvement.

    I'm wondering if the design may be adapted so that a longer piece of material could be cut wherein the length of material to be cut could extend past the main upright bracket support. In other words there would be a flat plane extending in both directions at 90 degrees to the cut off wheel. This may entail rerouting the support arm that connects to the back of the grinder.

    Thank you

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