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Thread: Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture

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    Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture

    The push stick works well on square stock but for round or hex etc a sliding table would be better.
    I had this old tenoning fixture from the way back years and it was just being stored since I had bought the Delta tenon cutting fixture. So why not make this one useful on the Band saw.

    The pictures show the story. There have been some new holes drilled in the base, two new 90 degree angle plates added and a couple of long 1/4-20 bolts.

    I have shown a few pics of it holding a 3 1/4 inch (across flats) hex bar that I needed to cut for a work plate.
    I did run the cutoff on the mill to flatten it out a bit and the piece in the sliding table is as cut.

    One problem is my band saw really pulls to the left! Guess I need a wheel alignment! Actually time to get out the delta manual and see why it does this. For this cut I just removed the miter guide from the base and hand guided the rest of the cut.

    cheers, JR
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture-dscf0001.jpg   Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture-dscf0002.jpg   Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture-dscf0003.jpg   Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture-dscf0004.jpg   Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture-dscf0005.jpg  

    Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture-dscf0006.jpg   Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture-dscf0007.jpg   Band Saw Sliding Table Fixture-dscf0008.jpg  

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