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Thread: Belt sander with a table grinder

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    Belt sander with a table grinder

    I warmly welcome.
    He has been involved in the production of fishing baits for some time. Production may be too big a word because I make it only for my own use but the time needed to perform it discouraged me.
    And here came the idea to make a small belt grinder that I could move from the garage to the basement to grind wobbler bodies on winter evenings.
    Belt sander with a table grinder-mni2.jpg
    For this purpose I used an old table grinder that does not sin with power but for processing small wooden elements it will be just right.
    I made the roller from several plywood wheels which I cut with a hole saw.
    Belt sander with a table grinder-obraz1.jpg
    Belt sander with a table grinder-obraz2.jpg

    The whole body was made of a flat bar 8mm thick.
    Belt sander with a table grinder-obraz3.jpg

    The steering roller and tensioning belt is a piece of tube with two bearings.
    Belt sander with a table grinder-obraz4.jpg

    The tension is a spring of unknown origin.
    Belt sander with a table grinder-obraz5.jpg

    You can see the entire production stage in the video below.

    The whole grinder was made of what I had at home. I await your opinions.

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