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Thread: BoarBuster feral hog trap - video

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    I don't want to focus this post towards any single person since we all have and are entitled to our view points. This topic is about the feral pig but in some ways can be correlated to many other species as well.
    One poster mentioned he was saddened by some of the content he read about in regards to the trapping and methods dealing with the feral pig situation. I can fully relate to this from a couple different perspectives as well.
    I'm not sure which video you found sad, or what saddened you about it. If you felt that the devastation to crops caused by feral pigs is disheartening that is completely understandable. Currently none of the farm bureau associated insurance companies that I know of will write policies offering compensation for crops damaged by them. In many cases they can get compensation for drought, flooding, wind, hail, snow, heavy rains, too hot, too cold,most anything which can unreasonably cause crops to fail or have low yields, even bad seeds, or providing certain guidelines were followed, insect infestation but not hogs.
    If you are saddened from the way the capture of or the hunting down of hogs has and is being done then I am sure there are many who would welcome another solution. Currently feral pig is the only species that I know of that is allowed to be harvested from moving vehicles even aircraft in the USA in some states the infestation has become that bad in certain areas.
    The problem is not restricted to the USA or Mexico either, at least 1 providence in Canada has set bounties on them providing you are the land owner. Alberta has a $50.00 bounty per pair of ears. In BC no permit is required but limited to licensed hunters for safety reasons, and has removed the requirement . In Manitoba hunters need permission from the land owners but may be hunted 7 days a week There are other Providences who have their own requirements which may be found at Wild Boars in Canada
    If you are referring to comments made by persons hunting or harvesting these animals then I can fully understand how those comments can be less than appetizing to read.
    The feral animal problem around the world can be caused in a number of ways. The encroachment of humans into the natural habitat areas of predatory animals causing their numbers to be reduced or relocated. The introduction of non native species where there are no known natural predators. Escaped or intentionally released domesticated animals environmental control restrictions which limit or prohibit harvesting, and even natural evolution,just to name a few.
    No one wants to admit it but Humans are one of the most feral species on this planet. The Population increase from 1900 to 2000 was 3 times that of the entire history of humanity going from 1.5 billion to well over 6 billion and now fast approaching 8 billion estimated somewhere around 2025 or before. The real sad thing is in just the past 70 years we have begun to obtain the ability to annihilate every living organism on the planet, and have had that ability perfected for many years.

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