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Thread: Disability acess ramp

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    Disability acess ramp

    Anyone who doesn't believe that a ramp is a tool has never had to negotiate steps in a wheel chair or used a walker on them.
    there was already a ramp at the kitchen door when we moved in which was a good thing because at the time my wife was having to use a walker.
    but the plywood surface was weathered weakened from age and slick when wet She didn't require the walker for very long after we moved in so we became accustomed to the plywood being slick when it rained Finally after 3 years back in the spring I decided to do something about it.
    I screwed down a 1/2" OSB over the top OSB is not as smooth as ply and weathers well.
    the other day I got one of those wild hairs and decided that I would improve it even more. So I mixed up a couple qts. of battleship grey paint with 3 lbs of sand then painted the surface I lathered it on thick really working the mixture into the surface I use the entire amount on the 4ft by 5 ft ramp After painting I covered the whole thing with sand and rubbed it in as well.
    Click on the pics for better view
    Disability acess ramp-20190804_113126ac.jpg

    Disability acess ramp-20190804_115828ac.jpg

    Disability acess ramp-20190804_152253ac.jpg

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