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Thread: Disc Die Punch

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    Disc Die Punch

    I was making buttons from 0.7mm copper sheet by cutting them out with tin-snips, drilling two holes, sanding them and then enamelling them.

    However, I soon had complaints that whilst the colours were great they weren't round.

    So, I made a die punch for my small 1/2 ton arbor press.

    There are essentially three parts to this tool:

    1. Lower alignment spigot here you can see it bolted to the lower plate on the press.
    2. Upper cutting tool die here it is upside down so you can see the cutting edge.
    3. Lower cutting tool die this is the tube and this sits over the lower spigot.

    Disc Die Punch-buttons-03.jpg

    The die is in 3 parts as this allows me to remove the tube and push the parts through and out. Being a tube it holds quite a few parts before I need to remove it and push them through.

    The punch and top edge of the tube are hardened using case hardening, I use the EKP case hardening and it works really well.

    Disc Die Punch-buttons-04.jpg

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