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Thread: Duplicator

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    Here is a link to a video you might be interested in, this is a duplicator that uses a floating router to follow a template.

    I am actually planning on building a duplicator for my wood lathe. I am thinking of using a similar concept to the link, but mine is going to be based more upon a design like a CNC router, but with no stepper motors (his design is a little large and I think it could be designed to take up much less space, and well be able to use the lathe in a normal configuration too). I plan on having three axises that allow the router to move up and down, left and right, and forward to backward on the lathe. This way you can do more than just duplicating with the router, it will also have various templates for the different axises. Depending on your need, you might only need two axises. For the linear motion of each axis, I plan on using ball bearings that will glide on small 'beams.' My whole contraptions will mount on the backside of the lathe, that way you can still use the lathe as normal with chisels and the tool rest. I wish I had a drawing to show my thoughs, but hopefully my description is sufficient enough.

    Hopefully this helps, Christian.

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    I normally guide my routers by fence, hand or pivot points, but I saw your variety (not you personally) of profile routing in a video a while ago and was taken aback by the speed, efficiency, effectiveness, and - I'll be honest - a concern about safety. In your case you seem to have that under control, but I'm not altogether clear about your way of supporting the router. Perhaps you've covered that in another video. My wood lathe gets much less use than my metal lathe but maybe profiling will encourage me to use it more. Thanks for your tutorial. HarryD

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    Thank you all for your input. What I want to duplicate is gunstocks. I have friends with some of the $1000.00-$3000.00 duplicators you can find on e bay. They don't have the rigidity and accuracy that is really needed. I have used a counter balance duplicator that runs on tracks. It was rigid, accurate, and heavy. Real heavy in frame and armature, the router and counter balance did not balance well.

    The ones that are the best are completely out of my price range $10,000.00+++. So I thought with all the inventive guys here someone would have plans or invented what I am looking for. Which I admit is an I'll defined ideal.

    Thank you one and all for your ideas and feedback.

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