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Thread: Electric shock while pressure washing moped - GIF

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    Electric shock while pressure washing moped - GIF

    Electric shock while pressure washing moped. There's a lot to see here. Note how the shock locks up his hand so that he can't un-grip the pressure washing gun. And how the shock seems to change once his flip-flops fall off. What is the initial error or errors here? No GFCI? Anyway, it's impressive how this guy manages to flip off the power.


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    Poor guy - but he seemed to survive this blind-date with Darwin.
    Kids - don't try this at home:
    -Use an ungrounded extension cord without a GFCI hooked up,
    so that when the pressure washer get "live", either from a fault or a mere water-conducted leakage current,
    the mains voltage gets carried to the handle, through your cramping hand, your body and wet flip-flops to the ground.

    Had the safety ground been used, the live voltage chassis would've blown the fuse,
    and for redundacy: a GFCI checks in-and out-going current from live to neutral:
    more than a ca 20 mA difference (i e leakage to ground thru our intrepid moped.cleaner) and it trips.

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    Chances are there was no neutral- this was likely 220vac...

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